Ram Bot

Ram Bot History, Timeline, Roadmap, & Future Plans

A little History

Ram Bot Released back in Aug. 3, 2019 with only 2 features moderation & fun commands and dont get me started the fun command were not as fun back then. Since Then ram bot gained more features and on v8.x ram api was born to make it easier to keep up with adding images and such for the fun commands and any other functions including the status.

Ram Bot would not reach the 100 server mark til v5.5 when the bot was completely rewritten to support a new coding style


A Check mark only states its completed and pending release a feature that's released will not show up here if updated

Near Term Priorities

These are our top priorities; we aim to work toward these in the first half of 2024.

Medium Term Priorities

We expect to address these throughout the year ahead.

Long Term Priorities

Elements that may come sooner or later in development, depending on various factors:

Last Updated: Feb. 16, 2024